Embrace, Embody & Empower the YOU that’s waiting to be born.

Ever feel like someone else is living YOUR life?

Ever feel like you’re standing on the sidelines waiting for your turn to jump in, but it just never comes?

You dream of a life where things feel: 

Sparkling, confident, magnetic, radiant, ALIVE.

A life where…

You spend your time taking flower baths, traveling the world, drinking really good wine and eating dark chocolate. Not crying in frustration on your therapist’s couch.

You shop outside of the Anthropologie sale rack.

You run a successful company and change the world…not trying to figure out how to wake up on time each day.

You’re cuddling, watching House of Cards and having romantic summer picnics in the park with your boyfriend, not playing stupid text message mind games and constantly fighting and worrying about whether you said the right thing or not…

You feel sexy in your bikini…and eat #icecreamandallthecakeplease.

You wanna believe all of this is possible…but you can’t even muster up a smile when you walk down the street right now.

Imagine a life where… 

You glow. You know & believe that it always has been and always will be okay. But you are not okay with just okay. You live in the miraculous. You take the risks. You dance in the spotlight.  You are limitless. 

A life like yours has no room for apologies.

No more shame. No more guilt. No more anxiety. No more littleness. No more beating yourself up. No more living in fear. No more old stories. No more limitations.

You’re ready to live every day bold, brave, and beautiful.

You’re ready for THE UNAPOLOGETIC YOU.

What is

THE UNAPOLOGETIC YOU is a live 4-Week digital course designed to empower you with the tools you need to embrace the raw, honest, compassionate and inspiring woman within, living a wildly authentic and beautiful life without.

During this transformational 4-week, live experience with women from around the world, you will learn:


















+ How to heal from years of traumatic abuse and move past the pain

+ How to make a huge life change (career, relationship, body, lifestyle…)

+ How to release the road blocks standing between you and miracles

+ How to dance out the front door each day

+ How to speak your heart – even when you don’t think you can

+ How to show up for life AND still take care of you, even on the days when it seems impossible

+ How to make time for your dreams and hobbies amidst the “busyness” of life

+ How to let go of what other people think, once and for all

+ How to live in peace, despite what’s going on around you

+ How to make literally anything you want to happen – happen

+ How to finally own your worth & use it to kick-ass in your life

+ How to surrender – but still get shit done

+How to rest

This is so powerful. I truly feel like I already know forgiveness differently. Sarah is meant to teach this and share this message!

Brooke Taylor


Here’s our game plan.

Week One:

You’ are going to learn Sarah’s sacred system for safely and gently taking a look at a pain filled past, unpacking it’s weight, and finally letting it go and moving forward. Sarah will teach you how to pin down, at any given moment in time, what’s keeping you stuck, and how to keep going.

Week Two:

Sarah will show you how to live embodied and with unshakeable confidence. How to rise up and live in the magnetic energy that lets you go after jobs, relationships, opportunities, and dreams…and have them comet true. She is going to walk you through step by step through her fool-proof method for feeling how you want to feel and getting what you want to get. Always. And not getting burned out. Ever.

Week Three: 

Sarah will guide you through the process of taking bold and empowered actions and leaps. Lots of them. Sarah is going to show you how to sustainably go about making  changes, both big and small, without falling flat on your ass and risking it all for nothing. Sarah is also going to teach you how to navigate when old stories occasionally pop up in your new and unapologetic life and how to avoid getting sidelined, for good.

Week Four: 

Sarah is going to show you how to continually craft your dance, and continue scoring the spotlight. How to always surprise yourself. How to always stay humble and true to your raw, wildly authentic, and vulnerable self. How to know when to say yes and when to say no. How to keep yourself in check and aligned despite what’s going on around you. And how to stay living in a limitless, miraculous and unapologetic world.



















I feel like I’ve drank a glass of water for my soul after talking to Sarah.

Kathleen Alquist

Actress & Model

Sarah is not only lovely, friendly, and approachable, but also truly professional and delivers outstanding service. In our session, she provided solutions to problems I was facing, and offered great suggestions and feedback that I could put into practice immediately. She followed up right away with further resources and a summary of our session. She very clearly offers her expertise from a place of love and support. Thank you, Sarah!

Andy Javor

Astrologist & Yoga Teacher

Hey beautiful, I’m Sarah.

If I know anything about anything it’s healing from abuse. And change – BIG CHANGE. UNAPOLOGETIC CHANGE.

I’ve gone through a whole lot of both of ’em in my life. And every time I’ve moved cities, countries, quit jobs with no back up plans to pursue a dream, ended relationships despite all logic telling me to stay in, and let go of pain, one of two things have happened.

I fell flat on my face, and then again on my ass, and then again on my head, and then again on my stomach and so on and so on, and found myself in a snotty pile of tears having no idea where to turn and where to go, wondering why on Earth I just risked everything, all of my time, all of my money, all of my worth, all of my dignity, only to fail miserably and embarrass the hell of out myself and disappoint the people rooting me on…


I rose up, higher than I ever thought possible given my life and how much shit I’ve been carried through. And as I flown with the wings of Grace I’d been longing to fly with for years but just couldn’t figure out how to open up and have been carried to radical, “how the eff did this just happen, is this even real life?!” moments and opportunities.


The only thing that determined whether I fell or rose?

The times I FELL, I stubbornly tried to do it ALONE.

The times I RISE, I sought out & asked for the HELP I needed.

I want you to rise.

Rise really fucking high above all of your fears, all of your worries, all of the bullshit that’s keeping you stuck. I want you to rise high above the years of abuse you’ve trumped through. I want you to have your life back. 

+ I want to teach you how to trade in the 45-minutes spent throwing outfits at your mirror in frustration that you can’t just love what you see for a quiet morning of luxury and an unshakeable experience of self love.

+ I want to teach you how to trade in the nights spent alone on your couch, feeling like there’s no one to call, to nights out on the town dancing and discovering the cutest shops and hidden streets that no body knows about.

+ I want to teach you how to trade in days spent frantically doing everything for everyone, worried that it’ll never all get done to days spent taking the classes, doing the reading, and taking the day trips that always get pushed aside.

+ I want to teach you how to trade in hours planning how you’re going to create the life of your dreams for actually living the life you dream of RIGHT NOW.

+ I want to teach you how to step out of living in a haze, waiting for your next vacation or adventure and start waking up every day to epic adventures and a life that makes you damn proud to have the best Instagram posts (and memories).

I want to teach you to be THE UNAPOLOGETIC YOU.

1) Sarah’s ability to LISTEN

I think it was Eckhart Tolle who said when you really listen, you create space for life to begin. You become one with yourself. Sarah listens and offers sound advice, but also knows when call people out on their bullshit.

2) Sarah’s ability to LOVE

Sarah sees the good in others and embraces their flaws. She is connected to love within herself and others. Sarah’s empathy and compassion offer a deeper understanding of the human condition.
3) Sarah’s ability to LEARN
When we talk, it’s always apparent to me that Sarah is working on herself in some capacity. She has learned (at a very young age) that in order to grow, you must embrace hardship with the same enthusiasm you embrace opportunity. Sarah has an understanding of the spirit, and she inspires others to reach their full potential.
Peter James

Teacher, Actor, Director

How it works:

When you sign up, you’ll unlock instant access to 6+ hours of podcasts and weekly exercises that’ll get you into gear and expedite your expansion. This can be less than five minutes from now, if you’re ready.

Then, starting August 14th, for 4-weeks, each Sunday morning you’ll get a video & audio emailed to you with the lesson and focus for the week. You will listen to them on your way to work and watch them on your lunch break. They’ll hype you up as I walk you through every step you need to take to make sexy bikini bod vibes flow through every part of your life – especially your career and relationships. 

In the vids and audios I will share all my secrets for handling the moments when you don’t think you can make something happen, and how I’ve pulled my sh*t together and created a life bigger than my original dream. I’ll be sharing the raw, authentic truth about healing from years of traumatic abuse. You’ll get sassive life talk packed with all the John Mayer deep feels, NSYNC* dance parties and Maryanne Williamson fueled spiritual smack downs you never knew you needed to keep your fear in check and dreams on the front lines.

We’ll have 4 weeks of live Q & A group calls (that will be recorded for later playback) where we get to have all of the deep and steamy real talk on what it means to be a warrior of love, healing, and where you guide the session with your questions.

You’ll be digging into weekly homework that will ask you to take massive action. You are not going to botch your shot at finally healing, getting your life back, and making your dreams come true. Ever. Because I’ve got your back. And you’re ready to live a life on fire.

You get full email access to me. Whenever you need a pick me up, a reminder of why you started, an answer to a big life question, how to respond to a situation that’s making you feel totally powerless, I’m here to give it to you. 

AND! You’re on heightened accountability for your dreams and desires up the wazoo. You’re transforming your life in one month. And I’m doing whatever it takes to help make that happen.

Some frequently asked questions and concerns.

I’ve tried so many of these self help things, and nothing has really helped me. How is this any different?

Right now, you’re frustrated with where you’re at. This is exactly why you need to sign up for The UNAPOLOGETIC YOU. Your frustration is actually the the single most powerful energetic motivator when it comes to creating radical and expedited change. #spirituallifehacks

I don’t have extra money right now. Where do you expect me to get it?

The cost can be as little as $12 a day for 60 days. Is a life free of stress, anxiety, stomach aches, skin problems, and body shame worth that to you?

Group stuff makes me feel really small, invisible, and not good enough. I can’t ever motivate myself to do the damn thing. And I sit there watching everyone else’s lives get better around me, and feel even more unworthy and frustrated than when I started.  and on top of that, I never finish these things. It sounds great, but I can’t ever hold myself to them.

You will not fall off the bandwagon. You will not be allowed to hide in the background. You will not be allowed to stand on the sidelines and watch. I am showering you with massive 1-on-1 attention. Your voice will be heard, validated, and you will get the answers and help that you need specific to your life situation. Not just general concepts you have to figure out how to apply to your life….the real step by step map just for you. That’ll I’ll be checking in with you on. That said…you have got to be willing to do the work. I can’t do it for you. If you’re not, then this is not for you. And we can end the convo now.

The whole online thing…I don’t know if it’s for me.

Because this course is online, you’ll get the chance to be a part of an intimate community of women from all over the world who will probably end up being some of your closest friends (I know because this has happened to me…and meeting up with online friends around the world feels like finally finding your Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. So much laughter. So much love. So much truth). These women will be there to support and cheer you on…for life.

What if I sign up, and then nothing changes?

Here’s my promise to you: If after our four weeks together you have shown up for all the calls, watched all the videos, done all of the work, asked questions, taken action, truly given it your all, and you still feel lousy and hopeless, I will gladly refund your money after seeing all of your completed work. But…I know that won’t happen. Because the entire reason I’m on this earth is to teach you how to transcend bullshit and live a life of miracles. And I’m fully confident in my capabilities to teach you to do just that.

I’m busy, and I don’t have the time for this right now, as nice as it sounds.

If you’re too busy to learn to be crazy productive, confident, AND relaxed, fine. Stop reading and go be miserable. But based on what I know about you, you’re ready to learn to balance traveling the world, a career that makes you feel inspired daily and like you’re doing your part to make a change, a romance novel worthy relationship, AND plenty of time for you.

I’m working with a therapist…how is this different?

The whole aim of this course is to show you your own capacity to make crazy, amazing, and beautiful healing and miracles happen. Wild, once in a lifetime, “how on earth did I just manifest a that miracle cash in 3 days, find my dream job AND the man of my dreams while having extra time for a manicure, and booking a one way ticket to paradise?!” status stuff. I know it’s possible…because I’ve done it. Many times. And I want to teach you how. The Unapologetic YOU is what I hoped therapy was going to be…but was not.

I feel like I work so hard on myself, and then everyone around me just brings me back down. Will we talk about this?

Yes. You don’t have time to waste getting thrown off and worrying because of strangers on the street and text messages and emails and social media posts from your guy/boss/mom/friends/etc….meaning, you need this. Like yesterday.

I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life. And nothing I do seems to be able to help for long periods of time. Can you help me?

Yes. In a way that no one else can. I created this program specifically for women just like you who have been through the deepest and darkest of days. Because I have waded through the darkest doldrums that abuse, brainwashing and trauma lead us through. Multiple times. And got frustrated that the old stories ALWAYS CAME BACK. I’ve found the a gentle, healing way out.

While I am not a certified therapist, in my own experience, therapy left me needing something more. That something more is what I have created in this program.

I resonated with Sarah’s energy and really wanted to experience her work. I was right on with my gut. It was awesome – Sarah is awesome.  The feeling that I am left with inside through what she said and her exercises, and the happiness that she described, that is what gives DIRECTION for me. It makes me drive when there is a green light 🙂 Sarah reminded me of that, which I am deeply grateful for. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your heart and for being you. You are a beautiful soul that shines light.

Anne-Kirstine Klitmark


Sarah inspires me. I have been praying for the willingness to let go of a grudge and forgive. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Wow. I’m so grateful. God works in mysterious ways.

Catherine Geller

Life Coach

Sign up now & unlock instant access to: 
















6+ hours of coaching with some of my favorite leading experts in living an unapologetic life:

+ Emily Aube, Intuitive healer, Life coach & Author

+ Elise DanielleYoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

+ Lyna JonesAuthor, Motivational Speaker & Spiritual Mentor

+ Michael GilmoreAward Winning Speaker & founder of MettaFlow

+ Danielle MercurioMotivational Speaker, Life Coach, Astrologist & Kundalini Teacher

+ Anne Marie ImperialeTransformational Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor

+ PLUS +

2-weeks worth of guided journaling prompts & daily accountability to sit down and do them.


Immediate and instant access to me.

You need Sarah Miller in your life if you want to transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Unapologetic You is the course for you if you’re ready to step beyond your fear into the land of your wildest dreams. Get ready to become the bad ass that you were born to be.

Garrett Paknis

Founder of Just Enlightenment

Ready to rise up?

Sign up now to unlock wild bonuses and a life you’re madly in love with.

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If you are interested in joining this incredible experience the next time it goes live, lemme know your email. I’ll save a seat for you and shoot you a message as soon as you can enroll.

Love you.

What is truly yours can never be taken. Your peace. Your freedom. Your joy. Your power. These are yours. Forever.

Cheers to your one big, bold, beautiful life, darling.

I love you.


Please email all questions regarding enrollment and/or setting up an appointment to talk about whether this is the program for you to

**Refund Policy:

I know that this isn’t a small decision, for a lot of reasons. So here’s my promise to you:

If after our four weeks together you have shown up for all the calls, watched all the videos, and done all of the work, voiced any frustrations or concerns, and truly given it your all, if after it all, you still aren’t happy with the experience, I will gladly refund your money. But…I know that won’t happen. Because the entire reason I’m on this earth is to teach you how to transcend bullshit and live a life of miracles.

Sarah Miller, 2016.
All rights reserved.