A prayer for when you're taking life too seriously.

For a long time, I’ve associated play with irresponsibility. Laziness. Something only the elite get to do. I’ve associated celebration with milestones. And until I reach them, I must struggle onward. I’ve subconsciously treated life like it’s some really really serious battle zone or something. And I’ve skipped over enjoying so many beautiful moments because I’m in my head overthinking every damn thing, when instead I could just be laughing.

This shifted in a big way last year on a very special day. I was in a real shit hole mindset. I had just gotten in a serious motor bike accident, had negative funds in my account, and really doubted I’d ever feel better. I hated myself for getting into the situation. I felt hopeless, powerless, ashamed, frustrated, furious with God, basically every emotion I’d told myself for years was off limits…I was feelin’, real deep.

But, I’d planned this celebration with a friend of mine. Just of life. For the heck of it. I wanted to cancel….like BIG TIME wanted to cancel. Who the hell did I think I was celebrating life with the state my life was in? I should be working my ass off trying to make things right.

But I didn’t want to cancel on her, as I was in a time of really starting to only make commitments I had a willingness to keep, no matter what, and I didn’t want to back out on the progress I’d made.

So, we celebrated life. I showed up to celebrate my breath. That I hadn’t died. That there was a beautiful sunset, and that I had a friend who still loved me and wanted to hang out with me even though I had fucked up, royally. My dreadfulness hadn’t scared her away, and that was epic for me to realize.

The next morning, I woke up feeling so much gratitude for our beautiful ceremony and dinner the night before. My heart felt lighter, and I didn’t know how everything would work out, but my renewed sense of life gave me a sense of determination to figure it out. When I opened my email, in my inbox sat a beautiful project opportunity that would cover my living costs for a bit, totally out of the blue, and in that moment I finally understood on an experiential level what choosing joy, no matter what, means. And why it matters.

I could have easily cancelled the celebration and spent the evening in sorrow and despair. I would have awoken with the same heaviness. Same dread of life. Perhaps the opportunity would have arisen the next day, perhaps not, but either way, that evening was only mine to experience once. And I’m so glad I took a few more extra hours of joy time instead of racking up more time in the prison of despair. Because all we’re after in the end is feeling good. And my knowing is that I would not have looked back on that moment saying, “Man I wish I would have pitied myself for a few more hours.”

The greatest thing about life is that we don’t have to have all the answers. We just have to have a willingness to receive them. In whatever form they arrive. So, when you’re not sure how you could possibly find cheer, or are just feeling a little blue and need a pick me up, here’s a prayer that you can offer up as an invitation to let light into your life.


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My heart is heavy right now. Heavy with the weight of this moment. I am feeling crippled by the challenges of my life, and I don’t quite see how or when and end is in sight. I honestly admit that I’m tapped out. I’ve been overworked, exhausted, stressed, hopeless, and helpless for too long. And while I don’t want to spend a second more in this reality, I also don’t know the way out of it.

Cheer me up, life.

As I move from this space of heaviness, of burden, of hopelessness, and into a space of willingness, I ask for a guiding hand. I am determined and I am willing to take a new path through this moment – one that meets me with less resistance and more ease. But I pray that a Divine Angel arrive and lead me there. For I know I will not walk toward it alone. And some company would be lovely.

And as I wait for this helping hand to arrive, I choose to laugh. Where I have so often cried, right now, I choose to laugh. Just because. Not at anything or anyone, or perhaps there are a few things and someones to tickle my giggles. Which is perfect. Because right now, I am just going to laugh. Mostly at myself. For getting here in the first place. What a character am I.

As I leap across this great canyon from heavy heartedness to joy, I release all that’s weighing me down so the trip will be easy. And cannot wait to spend more of my life in joy.

I surrender into the space of comfort, of faith, of cheer, and open up to seeing the world as my playground. As a place that always, always, always wants to put a smile on my face. And so again, I smile, chuckle, and laugh.

Dear Life, I thank you for these lessons in light and laughter by showing me what they are not, and I go forth into this moment with a willingness to find the ease.

And so it is. Amen.

In addition to saying this prayer, I invite you to make a list of things that really make you giggle, that make you feel alive, that make you feel younger and more youthful, the things that are so fun, and you never do, you know those things that are “irresponsible” and that you don’t have time for in your busy modern life.

And from this list, I want you to pull out 4 things and put them in your calendar for the next month. Once a week, you’re having a play date. WIth yourself, or someone else, doesn’t matter, as long as the sole intention is to let go and experience your youthful innocence and glow.

This is how you plant new seeds. It actually can be quite difficult to stick to these things, and the mind will find many many many excuses to keep you from actually going, but say your prayer and do it anyway.

You deserve a life of smiles and cheer and days that feel like play – not prison.

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I honor you so deeply for showing up to life every damn day you have. I know it’s not always been easy, or cheerful, but know that right now you can take a breath with a smile. And look up at the sky in knowing that everything out there exists to make you happy.

All my love,


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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

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