After making it through a sweltering 120 degree afternoon, I spent last night bobbing around in a pool. Sleepily gazing up at the stars, a message fluttered down and landed on my heart:

This is the story of your destiny. A delicately woven map to remind you of what you landed upon Earth to do.

Take solace here, for you see all that you are, and all that you have been. These twinkling lights are flickers of your past, your future, and your present moment, glistening at once in the light of unity.

Here lies eternity that you are. The infinity of your possibility. The beauty of your radiance. You are looking at YOU, darling. And aren’t you a beauty.

Reflecting on this message, I was reminded that destiny is something that we echo in every action we make, every breath we take, every step we plant upon the Earth – whether we’re conscious of it or not. Destiny, expansion, light, it pulses through us with every beat of our heart. It’s our natural state – it is where we came from, whether we look at it through the lens of philosophy, science, religion, and/or awe…we are light. And to me, light is one and the same with Peace.

Making Peace our natural state. Peace…the undercurrent of knowing amidst the process of figuring out. And how beautiful life gets when it’s not just an unconscious knowing, but rather, an awakened reality. How serenely our gaze expands and how magical each breath becomes.

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It’s highly possible you’re experience a time of massive questioning right now – or are feeling more uncertain that normal. If so, you’re not alone. There is a collective draw to internally reevaluate things for a bit. We’re looking at what is working and what is not – asking that the undercurrent of Peace push all to the surface that will further the process of our internal awakening to the waters of destiny and creativity available for us to swim.

Below I have shared prayer number 3 of this 6 part prayer series. (Prayer 1 – forgiveness & renewal can be found here. Prayer 2 – motivation & encouragement can be found here.)

As we begin to question who we are. Where we’re going. What we’ve even been thinking investing ourselves in various ventures…we get the Divine opportunity to get still.

And it is in this stillness that the wellspring of reassurance and confidence we seek dwells.  

I still my mind as I gently step over and into the ever present ocean of silence within me, walking down a path that opens up into the night sky…

As I slowly edge my way along, I feel the radiant light of love pulsing through and out of my heart, saturating every cell in my body. I feel it glowing stronger and brighter with every breath I take. And soon, I am a star floating, effortlessly in the middle of the blackness.

Savoring this space, I remember. Remember all that I am. I feel my rays reaching to the far corners of the universe. Feel them tingling in delight at all of the possibility that is here, weaving itself to become one with my light.

As I absorb these new wavelengths of love, I am reminded that there is not one moment of challenge I cannot face without a knowing that it will work out. For the eternal reaches of my starlight are my destiny. Ever expanding. Ever present. Self sustaining. Self igniting. All that I am lives here in the night sky.

I forgive myself for all of the moments I have forgotten this. All the moments I have seen nothing but my arms, legs, torso, and head. The moments when I’ve forgotten to call on this eternal light living within me.

How fun it is for me to dance this light back into my body. How beautiful a gift to know that Peace can never leave me. No matter what choices I make. What situations I get myself into. No matter how far I plunge into the darkness…I am still a light. And just as a candle eliminates all darkness, I illuminate all strife.

I remember that every experience is seen through the focal point of my choosing – the light emanating from my heart, or the blackness that surrounds me.

I ask that my focus be guided back to the light. That this radiance from within shine upon all that brings me pain right now. That it reflects back to me the possibility for growth so that I might live freely and at ease and in the light of grace once more.

For this is the space from which I can create. This is the space from which I know love. This is the space from which I am able to create the magic of the Heavens down on Earth.

And so it is…Amen.


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All of my love,


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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

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Sarah Miller is author of The Unapologetic You, a sacred space holder, and a speaker. She is currently traveling the world speaking, writing, and holding workshops. To find out when she’ll be in a town near you, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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