I’m insanely human. Like rebel against getting out of bed to start my day, go through intense periods of anxiety and depression, hate answering my phone, sometimes eat too much, sometimes too little, just want to find my Soul mate and often cry over not knowing where he is, want to have a perfect body, change my mind every two seconds, and want to contribute to a huge change the world but have no idea how, and everything in between – human.

I have doubts. I have fears. I have worries. I disappoint people. I make mistakes. I have car breakdowns. I forget important things I need to get done. I get yelled at. My credit score isn’t pretty. I worry about money. I wish things were different. I get sick. I do weird shit like jiggle my legs in the air or put my fingers in weird positions and say strange sounds for extended periods of time, and then laugh at myself after, because, well, yoga is a really funny thing when you step outside of yourself and observe the whole process.

And while all of these things are a part of the human that is Sarah Miller, I know that I am not just these things. Because if I was, I’d be doomed, and I sure wouldn’t be able to laugh at myself doing all the crazy, human things I do.

I like to think of the part of me that is able to look on my 23-minute kundalini meditations in strange poses with strange breaths and sounds, or look on me singing in funny voices at the top of my lungs as I drive down the coastal freeways of California, dreaming of the day I’ll be taking adventures with my man, I have come to know this part of me that watches me living my life as the part of me that is inspiration. The part of me that is passion.

The part of me that loves to see the human part of me dancing happily through life. The part of me that is always looking out for my best interest. And just like any good parent, knows when to teach me a hard lesson, and also when to teach me a soft one.

It drops in ideas, thoughts, people, opportunities, clarity and insight, and works with me to get exactly what I need. But my human self has to agree to follow the help the inspired part of me offers. And it doesn’t always do that.

I’ve encountered many people over the years who take a sacred outlook on life as a convenience. They’ll get to it when they have time. This is fine, except when you see it as such, you’re missing out on a whole lotta shortcuts, fun, and fulfillment.

Leading a sacred, aware life for me is a necessity. It is an acknowledgement of the totality of my being and, thus, the only way I can live in my fullest potential. And it’s only in this consistent awareness that I can embrace whatever is before me, however challenging or transcendent, as a gift and an opportunity to come out on the other side a better version of me.

The final prayer in this 6 part prayer series is a prayer to connect with that space of inspiration and passion within you. A prayer to step into that vortex, that portal, that spinning web of mystic possibility where doors open and opportunity presents itself in the form of friends, books, smiles, winks, feathers, numbers, faces, whatever it is that allows you step beyond doubt and into the totality of who you are.

May you use it often, knowing passion is not a luxury, it is a critical tool to live in the wholeness of who you are.


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Hey life.

I feel like I’m driving through the doldrums these days. Plunkering along, seeing nothing that excites me. Everything is dull. The same. Predictable.

It’s leaving me feeling quite numb. Lost in caverns of a regimented routine. Stuck in a joyless cycle of overworked adrenals. Empty and yet still going. Sputtering along without my spark. My fire. My heart. My quirks, my charm, my play. I don’t remember where I left them. But I’d like to get them back.

I need some help me find all of me again, Life.

Too often I have let the fires of passion burn me out, and so I run from them. I’ve neglected my humanness – and then, feeling out of balance, live too much in it. And I see that both of these extremes lead me where I don’t want to be – living just half of who I am. So I ask for help in learning to manage these flames, these waves, these energies.

Learning to live with passion and inspiration in every moment, no matter how mundane.

I ask for help in learning to sustain and nurture these precious gifts in a way that continually allows me to expand and grow with ease. With confidence. And in a way that feels like play. In a way that leaves me feeling the sweet exhaustion of activity at the end of the day, and the renewed sense of possibility in the morning. That feels like the courting of a lover. With passionate boundaries, and intoxicating bliss. But that strengthens me rather than splatters my energy all over.

Take my hand, Life, and Lead me back to my inspiration. Lead me back to my spontaneity. Lead me back to my vitality.  I am ready to break free from the confines of this relationship I’ve forged with duty, and renew my vows with radiance and sparkling possibility.

I am ready to wander through the mystical forest of opportunity again and lighten my heart with innovation and ideas. And to emerge from the woods, eager to share, create, and collaborate. But feeling oh, so calm, steady, and sustained.

I am ready. And so it is. Amen

Around each corner exists another pocket of eternity – and it is my hope that you will use this prayer to open up the doorways to experiencing this.

Some important news updates about the 12-week essential oil program I am enrolling for – Essentoily You!

I was meant to close the doors about 10 days ago, and it didn’t feel right to do so. It felt like there was more depth I wanted to bring to the program. More people I wanted to bring into the experience. More clarity to pull forth for all involved. And so! I’ve decided to keep the doors of enrollment open.

And because it’s becoming much more full bodied than I originally planned for, the price will be increasing on September 1st by $300. Making it $783, while it is now $483.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining, do it before the 1st! 😉

Click here and join before the price goes up!

The doors of enrollment will ACTUALLY close on September 20th, and the program will begin on October 1st.

Like any normal human does, I had a moment of questioning whether I should even continue forth with this program. But then I started working through the content myself, called on this prayer above, and realized…wow, this stuff works and it’s truly transformational. And if I need it, then I’m sure a few other people do too  #oneness 😉

If you’ve got any questions about the program and whether it’s right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at sarah [at] sarahmiller [dot] me.

Also, I’d love t hear your thoughts on this prayer series. Have you used them? Did they help you in any way if so? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Forever honored that my words land on your screen and on your heart <3

All of my love,


Trade a life of seeking to understand for a life of living what you already know.

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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

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