I am sitting next to a man performing open spine surgery on a book in a library right now.

He’s made all the necessary preparations. Sterilized the environment. Laid down paper towels. Carefully opened his spine razor. His tape. Massaged the spine of the book. A process I sat here watching every single step of while pretending to type. And as he moves his razor ever so delicately down the spine of the book, taking page after page out of it, I can’t help but chuckle at how Divine it is that we’ve become table friends today.

Each page he has taken out, he’s pasted into a spiral bound notebook where he is writing notes and definitions of words. He is weaving the process of reading with the process of understanding.

Mmmmmmm yes. That’s what I came here to write about today.

So often, I find that we are simply living. When in any given moment, we could be expanding. Like the man expanding the book by cutting things out. Pasting them into a place where they can be reflected upon for more depth and meaning.

Reflection is the space where understanding comes, and understanding is where expansion lives. Some things need more time for more reflection to bring about understanding than others, but understanding always seems to bring a sense of comfort and consolation. In that space, all loneliness fades away and in it’s place rests a commitment to continue forth with more strength and grace than one has ever known.

Constantly showing up to each moment from a space of understanding is what leads us from living to expanding. What a sweet space this is. One where each second brings a renewed sense of determination. A new experience of our wholeness. Both of which are especially important when we are moving through much more emotionally charged moments. Moments where things that are completely out of our control are bringing heavy horror to our hearts.

Dissecting. Unpacking. Expanding. A process more critical to engage in than ever. The process where we can step out out of the immediate pain of violation, trauma, victimization and back into the security, the ease, and the hero that only ever grows stronger and more aware with each breath.

And so with this prayer, 5 of my 6 part series, may you be guided to opening up the book of who you are and begin not just to read, but to understand. May you allow it to guide you to a space of expanding. A space of awareness. A space of…You with a capital Y.



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Well, here I am. Not sure how I got here. But there’s no denying it. I’m sitting in a dingy in the middle of the ocean during what seems like one of the worst storms that’s ever hit. And I don’t see how I’ll possibly make it through these waves alive.

Either I’ll drown, get eaten by a shark, freeze to death, or knock myself cold on the rocks and reefs beneath me. Funny how things can be so beautiful and awe inducing in one moment, and then with a simple change in atmosphere become something so menacing.

As I cling to the sides of the boat, I ask to be reminded how I’ve gotten through these storms before. Each time they come, I never seem to be able to see a way out. All I can feel is the anxiety of my impending death. And frozen, I lose all sense of reason and ration. All sense of hope and determination. I lose myself. And yet, I always do manage to make it out alive…

And so I choose to open up to whatever it is that has gotten me out before to get me out now. Thank you, Life, for sending me assistance and strength as I do so.

I will pause for a second and take a deep breath in. I allow your warmth and possibility to gently massage my fluttering heart. Soften my hard shoulders and neck. And as I exhale, I allow the shaky and restless energies fluttering through my arms and legs to ride out of my body on top of my breath.

I take another deep breath in and take comfort in this journey from one breath to the next. It’s simple. And serene. And I notice that as I continue this gentle cycle of inhale and exhale, the waves begin to still themselves. And as the waves begin to still themselves, my heart begins to beat slower. My nervous system begins to calm. And I finally feel my stability once more.

Thank you for this gift. This gift of being able to settle stormy seas in just an instant.

Thank you for using it to guide me into your arms of safety and love where I may rest. And while I rest, I thank you for sewing together any cuts and scrapes I got in the middle of the storm. This breath. This life. This powerful energy that calms even the most raging ocean waves in an instant.

And now, I close my eyes and simply rest in this space for a bit. Allowing your soothing waters to wash over and cleanse my body and mind of all the rocks weighing it down.

I take comfort in my safety and my serenity once more. I take comfort in the arms of your grace. And I rest.

And so it is. Amen.

We’ve had so much going on in our world lately that has created a sense that we’re stranded in a dingy in the middle of a huge ocean storm with no hope of survival, leaving a heavy hearted hopelessness in anyone that has a general sense of human compassion. Myself included.

And I have to keep reminding myself – there is hope. There is always hope. The storm is always coming to an end.

And it is our job right now to recognize, deeper than ever, that we do not walk this Earth alone. We are not just human bodies. We are more than the labels of man, woman, christian, buddhist, CEO, librarian, teacher, husband, wife, older, younger, white, black, asian, cat lover, dog lover, we are so much more than the labels that we place upon ourselves.

And the safety of the world requires that we start to live within the space of something more – NOW.

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If your heart is ready to read for understanding. Ready to live in a space of expanding. If you are feeling the heaviness of the call to something more alongside the feelings of inadequacy on not being sure how to get there…

Join me.

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I love you. And am so honored and grateful you’re here.


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Trade a life of seeking to understand for a life of living what you already know.

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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

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Sarah Miller is author of The Unapologetic You, a sacred space holder, and a speaker. She is currently traveling the world speaking, writing, and holding workshops. To find out when she’ll be in a town near you, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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