You're the one with all the answers.

I just help you find them.

There is no self-help book, no coach, no cleanse, no amount of therapy, acupuncture, yoga, energy healing, crystal collection, meditation, journaling, tarot decks,
or hours and hours of self care that can help you see your wholeness until you’re willing to believe it.

You were lead here for a reason. You’re ready to dive in deep.
 You’re ready to dance in your spotlight.
 You’re ready to go on wild adventures from your heart, not your head.

You’re ready to be the one with all the answers. To live tapped into your bold & Divine inner teacher.

Which means you’re ready to clean up all the dirt from your past.

You’re ready to move from a life based in fear to one rooted in forgiveness. 

This gentle awakening, this deep cleaning, this releasing, it takes time. In my experience it’s not an overnight deal, and you won’t be fully healed after just one session. But hey, miracles happen, and I believe in their power. So you damn well may be!

More than anything, this journey is a moment to moment commitment to your Self. To your healing. To YOUR LIFE.

You’re ready to live unapologetically. You’re ready to live as the YOU that’s waiting to be born.

So what are you waiting for?

Book a session.

Ultimately YOU are the only one that can shift the experience of your life from fear to love.
That’s power. That’s the fire, the passion, the understanding, the miracle you’ve been seeking.

Want some immediate clarity?

Book a 45-minute session.

What can you expect? Deep insight. Embodiment. Empowerment. A different side of understanding than you’ve ever known. And a heightened awareness of who that inner teacher you’ve been looking for is and where to find her (or him).

We’ll start off with a bit of light meditation, and then depending on what you want, we’ll set out on a journey together to get it.

Together we’ll tap into the YOU that’s waiting to be born.

Wow. That went deep.

Andy Javor

Astrologist & Yoga Teacher

I feel like I’ve drank a glass of water for my soul after talking to Sarah.

Kathleen Alquist

Actress & Model

All or nothing type on a big, bold mission in this world and keep getting sidetracked by bullshit from your past that you can’t seem to get rid of?

I see you. And I get you. Because I am you.

I’m the gal that’s BEEN THERE on so many levels…

social anxiety
eating disorders
body shame
food addiction
over working
feeling broken beyond repair
chronic fatigue

I’ve tried just about every spiritual/self help tool there is to try.

Juice fasting
Sweat lodging
Life coaching
Past and future life tripping
Indian chanting
Putting on sexy heels and strutting my stuff…

And you know what? None of these tools actually “fixed” me.

Sure, a lot of it was fun. And made my skin look great. And made my body look great. Sometimes it made me feel ridiculous, sometimes empowered, and sometimes a little crazy…but again, the tools didn’t fix me.

Spiritual tools aren’t meant to fix.

They’re meant to shine a light on the parts of you that have been forgotten so that you can dance with them once more.

It is from this place that I base all of our work together.

1) Sarah’s ability to LISTEN

I think it was Eckhart Tolle who said when you really listen, you create space for life to begin. You become one with yourself. Sarah listens and offers sound advice, but also knows when call people out on their bullshit.

2) Sarah’s ability to LOVE

Sarah sees the good in others and embraces their flaws. She is connected to love within herself and others. Sarah’s empathy and compassion offer a deeper understanding of the human condition.
3) Sarah’s ability to LEARN
When we talk, it’s always apparent to me that Sarah is working on herself in some capacity. She has learned (at a very young age) that in order to grow, you must embrace hardship with the same enthusiasm you embrace opportunity. Sarah has an understanding of the spirit, and she inspires others to reach their full potential.
Peter James

Actor & Director


If you’d like to finally liberate your Self from years of silence, to no longer flake out on your dreams, to stand in the spotlight of the person waiting to break free and dance through life, you’re ready to do some deep healing. Here’s what that will look like:

3x 75-minute calls a month recorded and sent your way after we’re done so you can have them to go back and listen to!
Guided meditations geared specifically toward you and your triggers. Your calls are recorded, so you’ll have these to draw      on forever and ever and ever!
Homework between calls. Like taking your Self on dates, journaling prompt exercises, letter writing, and work totally unique to you and your intentions and life.
Unlimited email support – Remember the song walk it out? Well, you’re gonna write it out. All the questions, all the trip ups, all the everything, I’m here as the sounding board of support and guidance for whatever is coming up. I’m also here to celebrate your EPIC SOUL SUCCESS moments. Because those are where our attention is shifting.
Text support. I’m your Soul BFF reminding you of the voice of love while we’re working together.
Bonus: I love me a well placed emoji. So…you’ll get to enjoy those frequently.

There are currently only 3 spots open to work with me one-on-one.

 Start your healing process right now. Click below to fill out an application and schedule a free call.
Investment options for 3-month coaching typically* looks as follows:
Single payment of $3,000.
5 automatic, bi-weekly payments of $677.
3 automatic monthly payments of $1,100.
*If you would like to work with me but need another payment option, please fill out an application above and make note of that so we can address it.

It is possible to release control & influence of everyone else’s ideas about your life, who you are, what you should do, where you should go, and simply live freely and abundantly in the experience of life that YOU want to live.

There is one YOU – one unshakeable, authentic, empowered, bold, authentic, and unapologetic YOU that is waiting to step forward and show up in this world.

You are not broken beyond repair. You are worthy of the joy and freedom you crave.

Your birthright, your eternal endowment, is one of miracles, of peace, and of happiness. It is a life of joy, compassion and Love.

You’re ready to show up for the YOU that’s waiting to be born. 

Transform your life in 14-days. Join my free guided journaling journey. 

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