I remember sitting as an eight-year old girl, writing letters to the future world about how sometimes bad things happen to us so we know how to help other people who bad things have happened to. During that time my voice had been silenced by the world. Those letters were my way of preserving a truth that I knew I’d need to speak again some day.

That someday happened, and I am now blessed with the honor of supporting others as they speak their own stuffed down truths – those ones that feel idealistic, revolutionary, too fluffy to be true, but won’t go away.

I am a Spiritual mystic. A damn fine writer. A belly laugher. A change maker.  And I am all in in all I do.

Does that mean I’m perfect? Far from it. It means I live in faith. I’m open, raw, often very messy, and uncomfortably vulnerable. I have learned that for me, that’s what it means to live in the softness and truth of my own Light.

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“Choose your dreams, even when they look impossible to everyone else. They’re yours to make real, so of course no one else sees how they can and will be done.” – Sarah Miller

As a business woman, I’ve got a few things going on:

+ I work as a personal brand consultant and digital development assistant to heart-centered & conscious business owners looking to touch hearts online in the same way they do in person. You can find more about working with me on that level right here.

+ I write. Constantly. You can read my latest e-book, The Unapologetic You, right here.

And when I’m not doing either of those two things (well, let’s be honest, it’s usually while I’m doing both of those things)…

+ I play match maker with you and the essential oils. I work with you to find the right oils to suit your lifestyle and needs. If you’re interested in having a little oil matchmaking done, click here and set up a free session with me.

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