[[GIVE AWAY TIME!!!]] HOLY FREAKING MIRACLES. It’s been exactly A YEAR since I hit publish on The Unapologetic You: Embrace, Embody & Empower the YOU that’s waiting to be born. What a journey this past set of 525,600 minutes has been.

A journey that’s brought me to my knees in gratitude, thrown my hands up in fury, and softened my heart into certainty that whatever presents itself, I will be held, supported, and challenged in just the right proportion to grow closer to expressing my fullest creative potential in exponential and incredible ways.

A funny thing happens as I go about writing books & pieces – I am given the opportunity to bring to life the journey I am writing about – to fully feel the wisdom of the words on the page, deep within my cells. I wrote The Unapologetic You last year as a declaration and commitment to no longer backing down from the brilliance living inside my heart just because I experienced anxiety and fear.

It was my acknowledgement that there was more to me, and my promise to living in co-creation with that more, more often than the stuff that made me feel less.

And while I had no idea what that would fully look like, or whether anyone would read my words, what has happened has been incredible. So far I’ve been given:

+ 42 homes since the beginning of 2017 (….will be at least 50 by end of the year) – and yet I haven’t left home – my heart – once.
+ Friendships so nourishing and healing and profound that for the first time in my life, I don’t feel alone
+ A driver’s license (aka total freedom) I avoided getting for 27 years
+ More mountaintops summited than elevators ridden + More mornings where I wake up slowly with a smile and soft tears of gratitude than in a flurry of frustration and angst (a HUGE one for me)
+ A feeling of lightness and certainty in my body & movement
+ The chance to study with incredible master teachers who challenge and uplift me
+ More time star gazing and connecting with the Earth than wondering what on Earth I’m doing

And as I’ve danced through the gifts of these sacred moments, I’ve gotten to read beautiful letters from readers of the Unapologetic You sharing messages of healing recognition, breakthrough moments into personal power, renewed hope & determination, my heart has broken wide open in a way I never knew possible.

The biggest gift of this journey has been seeing that in coming closer to Me – the Me that’s just as messy, irresponsible, unforgiving, judgemental, lazy, and directionless, as she is certain, compassionate, devoted, disciplined, unwavering, and hopeful – I am able to come closer to everyone around me. And that….is quickly becoming my definition of bliss.

These tools and community of recognition are for anyone who’s heart longs to go deeper. And I am so honored to have you as a part of it.

As a celebration of my first book baby’s birthday, I want to share some of my favorite things with you!

Between now and November 2nd at midnight PST, you have the chance to win:

First prize: FORGIVE essential oil blend roll on by dôTERRA ($17.33 value)
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How to enter:

  1. Click here & purchase a copy of The Unapologetic You with a donation of $10 or more (because #shipping) Note: for every dollar over 10 that you go in your donation, you receive another entry!
  2. Binge read the book.
  3. Make a post on Facebook or Instagram with your favorite quote from the book and tag me (@sarahmillerme) using #theunapologeticyou. Each post share will be counted as one entry, so you can make multiple posts for multiple entries! All posts must be made by Nov 2nd at Midnight PST. Click here for an easy FB share.

It’s that simple!

– Again, the giveaway is only open until November 2nd at midnight PST.
– You must make a donation of $10 or more to be considered for prize entry & every dollar over counts as another entry!
– You must post or email me your favorite quote
– All entries will be thrown into a hat and winners selected at random – Winners will be announced on November 3rd.

If you’re reading this, bummed because you already have a copy, not to worry!!! You can enter too! Here’s how:

  1. Tell a friend about The Unapologetic You – direct them on where to buy a copy – click here for an easy for a Facebook share! – and have them enter your name in the checkout form. Each friend you refer is an entry, the more entries you get the higher chance of a win! 🙂
  2. Make a post on Facebook or Instagram with your favorite quote from the book and tag me (@sarahmillerme) using #theunapologeticyou. Click here for an easy share! Each post share will be counted as one entry, so you can make multiple posts for multiple entries! All posts must be made by Nov 2nd at Midnight PST.

It’s my goal to get the deeply healing message of this book to the hearts of 1,000 people by the end of 2017 – and I need your help!

So! Go grab a copy, share your favorite quotes, and relax into the sweetness sweeping you up into it’s arms as you dance into your spotlight.

Sending you all of the love my heart can hold, and then some! <3 Forever grateful you’re here.


Stand, pen in hand, writing the story of your dreams.

Click here & embrace, embody, & empower the Unapologetic You


Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

Author | Sacred Space Holder | Speaker


Sarah Miller is author of The Unapologetic You, a sacred space holder, and a speaker. She is currently traveling the world speaking, writing, and holding workshops. To find out when she’ll be in a town near you, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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