It’s time to steep your busy, modern life in stillness.

Press play for a message from Sarah, creator of Essentoily You.

Essentoily You equips you with simple tools & technologies rooted in ancient wisdom and practical application. 

Come with me on a 12-week journey, blending essential oils with journaling, meditation, and satsang in a sacred and ceremonial approach inward  in search of the truth behind who you are.

Guided meditation & journaling

Therapeutic Grade Essential OIls



Community Support

This is your invitation to meet each breath in contact and alignment with the purest essence of YOU.

Over the course of your 12-week Essentoily You journey, you will be guided through:

+  6 x 60-90-minute pre-recorded video & audio satsangs/conversations on the following focuses:

Forgiveness & self healing
Cultivating Peace
Self soothing
Living inspired 
Maintaining motivation 
Surrendering to Faith

Each satsang will cover:

+ How to use specific essential oils – where to place on body, when to use, what each blend is composed of and its specific properties, how each blend relates to each energy center in the body, how to use sensation tune into what your body needs, and how to provide support with each oil, etc

+ An in depth discussion on how to begin to intertwine all of the information & processes of journaling, meditation, self reflection, and action that you have WITH your essential oils. The goal is to create a that life comes with a deeper sense of support and ease that works with and for YOU.

+ 6 x prayers & affirmations to use daily in conjunction with our focus & the essential oil blends for instant connection & stillness
+ 6 x guided meditations to use in conjunction with the essential oil blends whenever in need of centering into a focus
+ 6 x mini e-books exploring each focus topics in depth. They will include extensive information on:

+ Specific oil properties for physical and emotional health & oil blends for working directly with the focus
+ Guided journaling exercises
+ Conversation starters
+ Recommended books, meditations, classes, resources, etc

You will also receive one complimentary 60-minute wellness consultation with me. We will chat about what your top concerns with your physical and emotional health are right now, what your top goals are, and based on these two we will pinpoint a few specific practices & oils tailored for your support on the journey there.

Please note: consults will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis upon registration.

Hi, gorgeous.

My name is Sarah. I’m the creator & host of Essentoily You. Often times in conversation I’m described as the girl who wears lots of flowery dresses and is always smiling. I love this picture because I’m making it rain flower petals on myself while wearing a flowery dress. I didn’t wash my hair for days after this night because the petals felt so sacred and special tangled in my locks.

I’m not interested in you figuring out your passions in life, I’m not interested in you figuring out how to build a successful business. I’m not interested in you fixing any broken relationships. I’m not interested in your credit score or your green juice habits. I’m not even interested in you learning to forgive and move on. All I’m interested in is guiding you inward.

I want you to meet your truest, most pure self. I want you to taste your essence, know your Soul, feel the master of peace living within you.

On my own journey, I’ve felt the pains of uncertainty, the exhaustion of doubt, the desperation of need, and the ease of grace. I’ve lived through a father going to prison, anxiety, depression, PTSD, 5 years of trauma & eating disorder induced amenorrhea, starting a business with no guaranteed source of income, and a whole lotta other life.

And through most of it, I was micromanaging the desires of my Soul with doubt masked as logic and realism. My true essence, my softness, my patience were lost in to-do lists and success goals. Drowning in the disconnect between my intuitive insights and my impulsive actions, eventually I realized that I can plot and plan and take leaps all I want, but if I’m not living in harmony with the essence of who I am, I will always end up scraped and bruised, confused, and exactly where I started.

Essentoily You is a compilation of all that I’ve found helpful on that sacred journey toward becoming my own teacher. I am not here to teach you peace. I am here to share a tool kit with you that, when used, will guide you back to the ease of what you already know.

This program is is designed to meet you where you’re at. Whether you’re looking for a starting place on how to incorporate essential oils into a business, life and/or sacred practice you’ve got in place, whether you’re looking to incorporate more of the emotional work and support element into your already existing love of essential oils and deepen your understanding of how they can work with you, whether you’re looking to do both, you will find this a pure source of guidance for both.

This is the perfect opportunity to commit to getting still so that you can distill down to your purest, most potent essence as you undergo major life changes, take leaps of faith, or engage even in deeper in the life that you’re already living.

The aim is to guide you to that inner space of knowing within each moment. The space where there is trust, where there is faith, where there is peace, where inspiration flows, and aligned action is presented. Peace is your birthright. It’s time to grab ahold of it.

So you think you want to join me? Here’s what you can expect: 

We will work with the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch kit from doTERRA. Every two weeks from mid August through mid October, you will receive access to a new video, meditation, prayer & mini e-book to correspond directly with one of the emotional aromatherapy blends.

While this will be, in large part, a self guided experience, we will have a private group where we can check in with each other daily, weekly, etc. on how things are going. However!

WE WILL HAVE AN OPENING CEREMONY AUGUST 15TH AT 6 PM PST. We will gather, set a sacred a collective space together, and kick things off.

I will give you as many tools and as much guidance as I can, however, my aim is to teach you to live in a state of empowered listening & awareness. I want you to cultivate your own self discipline. I want you to see how much you want something (or don’t) and all of the habits and thoughts and behaviors that keep you in the middle ground between intuition and fear based impulse. This means I will be rather hands off in the process – yet wide open for questions and support.

The Oils We Will Use Include:


Investment & Cost Breakdown:

TOTAL: $483 + tax + shipping

$350 includes:

+ 12-weeks of course information and support
+ 1x 60-minute wellness consultation
+ Lifetime access to content (which will grow in breadth and probably cost! so get in now!)
+ 1 full ride scholarship for someone in need

$133 includes 6-Emotional Aromatherapy Blend Roll-on’s from doTERRA:

– Forgive
– Peace
– Console
– Motivate
– Passion
– Cheer



1 X payment of $650

4 X bi-weekly payments of $163

What is it like to work with Sarah?

Incredibly kind words from Soul’s I have had the honor of leading:

As a group facilitator, Sarah is humble, authentic, vulnerable and human. She holds space for you to let your guard down, to feel safe, and to embody the strength in vulnerability. 

Kristen Aschenbrenner

As a facilitator Sarah is warm, open-hearted, compassionate and caring. Her willingness to be vulnerable allows for a beautiful and safe space for people to open up and share the deepest parts of themselves.

Nyree Krueger

As a group facilitator, Sarah is absolutely connected in my Heart Space and my Fellow Humanity.

Sean Lawrence

Working with Sarah, in a few words is:

Fun, aligned, trust, bliss

Leanne Weaver

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