It’s time to steep your busy, modern life in stillness.

Press play for a message from Sarah, creator of Essentoily You.

Essentoily You equips you with simple tools & technologies rooted in ancient wisdom and practical application. 

Come with me on a 12-week journey, blending essential oils with journaling, meditation, and video classes, all geared to clear away all that you are not so you can stand radiant, alive, and glowing in the pure possibility that you truly are.

This is your invitation to meet each breath in contact and alignment with the purest essence of YOU.

Have you ever felt trapped by life? Sat in your tub, naked, crying, and asking God, “How the fucking hell did I manage to get here, and how do I get out? I’ll do anything at this point, really…. I’m naked, talking to something I can’t see, sitting in dirty water. So, really, I swear. Anything you give me right now.…I’m game to try….” 

Me too. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, that’s how most of my life has been spent. It’s been a lifelong challenge for me to shake a victim mentality I adopted as a result of my childhood (short version of the story: dad went to prison when I was 12. Before that, brainwashed, drugged, raped, and abused me and my fam 24/7…note, he was also a really nice guy. and I hate that most days, I love him and miss him a lot). This has played out in my life as feeling wildly oppressed & trapped by LACK of comfort & security – and always hoping for some magical break to swoop in and save me. 

If you’ve ever felt that trapped feeling, had one of those tub moments, and then gotten out with a resolve to go out and try again, I honor you. DEEPLY. I know the journey. It’s not an easy one. And my guess is that you’re an incredible, determined Soul with a whole lotta grit.

You figure shit out. You never stop until you accomplish what you set out to accomplish. And you care a whole lot. You like to lighten the load of those you love. You do most things yourself. But, perhaps you also spend a lot of time wondering when your break will come & things will be easy on you. And because this is supposed to be the part where I tell you about me, I’d like you to know, I’m the same damn way.

I’ve spent plenty of time not enjoying my life, struggling through massive anxiety, depression, eating disorders, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, adrenal overload, and the only that was ever missing was my SELF. The one that lives outside of all of that. The second I brought her – and essential oils – into the game…things got a whole lot more sacred. Connected. And beautiful.

Essentoily you is a compilation of sacred tools & practices, paired with information on uniting the spiritual, mental, physical & emotional bodies in one place – the now – so that you can finally move about this moment with the surety, confidence, and ease that you’re meant to. To walk that unique path with grace and joy. They’re meant to support you in taking action from that centered place of radiance you can always feel but not quite touch. And give you a continued support system to bring you back to your heart center…even when it seems impossible.

You don’t need someone to teach you how to live or tell you what to do. You just need tools to tap back into the unique path that’s been embedded in your DNA since the day you were born, and help you stay in a place of trust & faith in that path. And that’s what Essentoily You is all about.

This program is is designed to meet you where you’re at. Whether you’ve been using oils for ages and want to know more of spiritual component to their magic, or whether you’ve never used oils before and are looking for something to help manage your ongoing anxiety, depression, fatigue, and scattered brain….you’ll find plenty here.

This is your opportunity to commit to getting still as you revitalize your cells, as you undergo major life changes, as you take leaps of faith, and dive even deeper in the creative, unique, beautiful life that you’re already living.

The aim is to guide you to that inner space of knowing within each moment. To guide you back to your heart. The space where there is trust, where there is faith, where there is peace, where inspiration flows, and aligned action is presented. Peace is your birthright. It’s time to grab ahold of it.

Investment & Cost Breakdown:

+ 6-weeks of:

+ Guided meditations tuned to support and deepen the experience of each emotional aromatherapy blend
+ Guided journaling prompts chosen to deepen the effects of each emotional aromatherapy blend
+ 6 x mini e-books exploring each focus topic (listed below) in depth.?
+ Lectures on:

– Using the physical body to unlock the blocks in the emotional body
– Using the physical body to unlock creativity & clarity
– Using the essential oils to cleanse & revitalize the physical body
– Using essential oils to cleanse & revitalize the emotional body
– Using essential oils to center, recalibrate & open up new chapters of possibility
– How to use specific essential oils – where to place on body, when to use, what each blend is composed of and its specific properties, how each blend relates to each energy center in the body, how to use sensation tune into what your body needs, and how to provide support with each oil, etc.
– An in depth discussion on how to begin to intertwine all of the information & processes of journaling, meditation, self reflection, and action that you have WITH your essential oils. The goal is to create a that life comes with a deeper sense of support and ease that works with and for YOU.

+ 1 – 60-minute wellness consultation with Sarah to pinpoint specific practices and oils to support your unique physical, emotional, and spiritual well being
+ Lifetime access to content & community
+ Private Facebook group to connect & hold each other up in light and love through the highs and the lows of life
+ 6-Emotional Aromatherapy Blend Roll-on’s from doTERRA:

– Forgive
– Peace
– Console
– Motivate
– Passion
– Cheer

TOTAL: $783


(note: payment plans do not include the price of oils – these will be ordered later)

1 – payment of $650

4 – bi-weekly payments of $163

8 – bi-weekly payments of $88

What is it like to work with Sarah?

Incredibly kind words from Soul’s I have had the honor of leading:

As a group facilitator, Sarah is humble, authentic, vulnerable and human. She holds space for you to let your guard down, to feel safe, and to embody the strength in vulnerability. 

Kristen Aschenbrenner

As a facilitator Sarah is warm, open-hearted, compassionate and caring. Her willingness to be vulnerable allows for a beautiful and safe space for people to open up and share the deepest parts of themselves.

Nyree Krueger

As a group facilitator, Sarah is absolutely connected in my Heart Space and my Fellow Humanity.

Sean Lawrence

Working with Sarah, in a few words is:

Fun, aligned, trust, bliss

Leanne Weaver

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