Wouldn’t it be great if someone who truly got the heart of what you do could just step into your head and translate your vision into amazingly written landing pages, about pages, blogs, social media posts, and all things online marketing?

You’ve got a passion, a voice and a vision.

I’ve got the words, the digital chops, and the creativity to take your voice and make your passionate vision a reality.

An overview of how I can help you:

Full service digital development:

+ Landing pages: design & copy (retreats, webinars, tele-summits, product launches, etc)
+ Video series: digital design, content structure, on-camera coaching & marketing structure
+ Social media structure & content
+ Blog posts: templates, content, editing, optimization
+ Online course materials: content development, digital design, pricing, marketing, copy writing/editing
+ Email marketing funnels: back end migration, copy writing/editing, content wireframe, automation

Copy Writing/Editing

+ Website copy
+ Product descriptions
+ Pitch emails
+ Proposals
+ Technical articles
+ White papers
+ E-books
+ Digital Course content
+ Email campaigns
+ Marketing funnels
+ Welcome packets

…And anything else that you need to share your beautiful heart centered vision with this world in a bigger way.

The era of doing anything for the sake of someone’s email or credit card number is over.

Clean, non-invasive, and intentional design in both content development and marketing strategy is what creates lifelong trust and loyalty with your brand, whether it’s product based or information based.

You’re not here to have 15-minutes of fame, you’re here to leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and souls who meet you and your brand. Doing that takes a gal who knows a thing or two about the journey through both sides of the work – the strategy, and the soul.

Let’s chat and see how many miracles we can co-create together. Email me at sarah@sarahmiller.me and we can set up a time to connect <3

Hi, love. I’m Sarah.

I get words. I get stories. I get people. And I get how to make your website feel like more than just a page on a screen – it’s your digital home and it should reflect more than just your offerings. It should reflect your energy.

I have a knack for pulling forth the powerful voice living within each person I meet and talk to. And I have an even bigger knack for making visions a reality.

I translate souls onto screens and do my best to leave a lasting imprint of empowerment and love on every single heart that reads the words I write.

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