Wouldn’t it be great if someone who truly got the heart of what you do could just step into your head and translate your vision into amazingly written landing pages, about pages, blogs, social media posts, and all things online marketing?

You’ve got a passion, a voice and a vision.

I’ve got the words, the digital chops, and the creativity to take your voice and make your passionate vision a reality.

An overview of Sarah’s support repertoire: 

Full service digital development:

+ Landing pages: design & copy (retreats, webinars, tele-summits, product launches, etc)
+ Video series: digital design, content structure, on-camera coaching & marketing structure
+ Social media structure & content
+ Blog posts: templates, content, editing, optimization
+ Online course materials: content development, digital design, pricing, marketing, copy writing/editing
+ Email marketing funnels: back end migration, copy writing/editing, content wireframe, automation

Copy Writing/Editing

+ Website copy
+ Product descriptions
+ Pitch emails
+ Proposals
+ Technical articles
+ White papers
+ E-books
+ Digital Course content
+ Email campaigns
+ Marketing funnels
+ Welcome packets

…And anything else that you need to share your beautiful heart centered vision with this world in a bigger way.

Love notes from Sarah’s clients:

Over the course of working with Sarah, it was confirmed that her experience and feedback we so helpful to me as I worked my first product launch. Her support, not just with the technical details of my launch, landing pages, etc. but also her belief and great feedback on my products, helped me to stay calm and balanced when I was super stressed out.

I loved her ability to figure things out as we went, and her proactiveness in reaching out to ConvertKit or LeadPages when there were technical questions.

I’ve had so much positive feedback on the emails she wrote that are part of my funnel and can’t wait to work together again!

Leanne Weaver

Founder, Radiant Botanics

From the first article Sarah submitted for us, it was clear that she has a talent for writing!

I really appreciated her dedication to deadlines – everything was always delivered on time. Also, she is very good at following directions and incorporating feedback.

Working with Sarah is easy, straightforward and reliable and I look forward to doing so again!

Denitsa Fischer

Marketing Director, Bali Spirit

I loved how organized and on point Sarah was when we got started. Sarah’s talent really stood out in our work. Especially her copy & her ability to really understand my voice and also intuitively pull in the right pieces to make the launch really unique to me. I would get giddy every time a new email came through to edit! She was very on point with our deadlines and I never felt like I had to worry on her end or follow up. I appreciate the pro-active nature of her work ethic and the love she poured into the project. I really felt taken care of and heard throughout the entire journey. She just gets my vision!!!

After a successful launch of a group program, my 1:1 coaching blew up. People were so impressed and intrigued via the group coaching, that they wanted to work with me on their own. My monthly membership is way more efficient! There is a better platform for payments as well as having everyone in one portal vs. email makes it more professional.

Sarah’s work has given me the opportunity to have some more breathing room and space to focus on where I thrive and not fall behind. Whenever I was having a doubt or needed to change the flow of the project, she was there. And was so helpful toward the final days.

Sarah is a true blessing! I am so grateful for her talents and skill sets and the level of integrity and love she puts into everything she does. It truly has surpassed what I thought was possible and I feel so supported by our work together. Thank you, again and again!

Daneille Mercurio

Coach, Speaker, Gypsy, www.daniellemercurio.com

Sarah Miller – a lady of many mystical hats – has held down the fort as a behind the scenes sorceress for the Leaders in the digital revolution of conscious business for a little over 3 years now. Her magic touch weaves itself through her grace & wit filled:

project management
membership program management
customer support
CRM management & migration
sales funnel development
business development
social media support
streamlining of boarding systems
the mental and emotional support
and everything in between

All of her work is a living extension of her personal commitment to liberate the creative potential in each heart from the fears of the mind. She immerses herself in her client’s needs from a compassionate, vision attuned space.

Sarah has a knack for pulling forth the powerful voice living within each person, and an even bigger knack for helping people use that voice to clarify & make their visions an ever expanding reality.

Sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for? Of course it does. That’s why you’re here! You always find what you’re looking for. Let’s chat more about where you’re headed and how I can help get you there.

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