Or is the story of your past and your pain and your struggle writing you?

Take the pen back. It’s time to stand as #TheUnapologeticYou.

Wow. Amazing book. This needs to be in Oprah’s Book Club!



The Unapologetic You is a self-guided healing immersion. You can think of it like scoring a life coach for less than $5. 

Amidst story, insight, and plenty of humor, The Unapologetic You E-Book dives into:

+ Where anxiety comes from & how to tell it, “Peace out, we’re done here.”
+ The difference between forgiving and letting go & a process you can use to forgive anyone and anything
+ Doubt – what it is, where it comes from, and how to USE IT to be wildly confident
+ The most critical practices for creating sustainable internal & external change
+ How to maintain your peace when you’re in a world of stressed out people
+ How to get more done in less time
+ The abundance mindset that manifesting doesn’t cover & works every time

The Unapologetic You is your roadmap to taking the pen back and writing the story you want to live.

The Unapologetic You will walk you through:

+ Techniques & tools to free yourself from feeling trapped by life circumstance
+ Simple tips to welcome in and transition through life changes in your career, relationship, body, lifestyle
+ How to navigate the road blocks standing between you and confidence, clarity & ease
+ What it takes to speak from your heart – even when you don’t think you can
+ Why it’s critical to love where you’re at – and how to do that
+ Journaling exercises to own your worth & use it to kick-ass in your life

This is so powerful. I truly feel like I already know forgiveness differently. Sarah is meant to teach this and share this message!

Brooke Taylor


No words can describe how happy of a moment this was, when one of the worst times in your life turns around, and you can feel all of the love the Universe has to give. Thank you @sarahmillerme for teaching me to believe in miracles…



Notes from The Unapologetic You readers:

Working through your book and loving EVERY WORD so far!!! It is amazing!!!!!

The prompts and exercises totally make sense and i LOVE the additional content like the Divine lesson wordbank. I want to share this book with everyone I’ve ever known.



Just have to share that I’ve read about half of the book and it feels like it’s written to ME.

Thank you, sister, for sharing your deepest shit. I know I’m not alone.



Sarah inspires me. I have been praying for the willingness to let go of a grudge and forgive. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Wow. I’m so grateful. God works in mysterious ways.

Catherine Geller

Life Coach

You consolidated what therapists wish it took years to accomplish into just a few actionable steps. So eloquently.
You have such a distinctive voice that is so easy to read.
Your book will give people who are stuck in a cyclical habit of blaming their current lives on their past, without even realizing they have the power to change it, the catalyst – the little shove – to know they don’t have to live like that anymore.


“Your writing is so powerful and needs to be heard. You light me up with your work!”


Health & Lifestyle Coach

I resonated with Sarah’s energy and really wanted to experience her work. I was right on with my gut. It was awesome – Sarah is awesome.  The feeling that I am left with inside through what she said and her exercises, and the happiness that she described, that is what gives DIRECTION for me. It makes me drive when there is a green light 🙂 Sarah reminded me of that, which I am deeply grateful for. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your heart and for being you. You are a beautiful soul that shines light.

Anne-Kirstine Klitmark


Ready? Ready to embrace, embody and empower the unapologetic you that’s waiting to be born?


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The Unapologetic You

Note: On my own journey, I know the frustration of wanting help, but legit not being able to pay for it. That is why I have all payment for this book on a donation basis. Please give what your heart feels called to give, knowing every amount is received with overwhelming love and gratitude. Not only for your own devotion and commitment to saying YES to something more, but your help in getting this book into the hands of those who cannot otherwise afford it.

I love, honor and respect you so deeply. 

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