Ever since I was a little girl, the forests, the rivers and the natural wonders of the earth have provided me a constant stream of guidance, answers, healing, and inspiration. To me, it has always seemed like the natural earth is the wisest of the wise men. Having been around since before humans, the plants know a thing or two about thriving on Earth…


Awhile back, I read “The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan. In the pages of his book, he posits that it is not us who have grown plants, but rather plants that have grown us. This really struck a chord of truth and stuck with me. The reality is that plants have been around longer than us – regardless of whether you look at it from a religious or evolutionary perspective.

They’ve clearly got the elder card over us. Why is it, then, that we have sought answers to our survival and healing everywhere but in their ancient patience and ever present wisdom?

Working with essential oils, for me, is a daily practice and devotion to cultivating a thriving life. It is an acknowledgement that to truly grow, I must call on those who have done it better and longer than anyone else. Essentials oils have become the doorway I walk through anytime I need to awaken my purest Self and soften into a life of reverence and grace.

The support & guidance of essential oils has been a portal in which peace comforts my anxiety, hope comforts my depression, clarity fills my questioning, and love embraces my fears.

If you are looking for an accessible, supportive, fun and SIMPLE way to cultivate a deeper sense of aliveness in your life…

If you’re looking for delicious guidance and clarity…

If you’re looking for gentle focusing….

If you’re looking for sweet soothing & softening….

If you want your days to feel like the perfect relaxed Sunday afternoon….every day….

You’re in the right spot.

Essential Oils meet you exactly where you’re at. Whether you need help focusing throughout the day, sleeping at night, calming yourself before dates & big meetings, or deepening your meditation practice, there is a little miracle working plant soul ready to come into your life!

If you are new to essential oils and want to learn more about them, I invite you to take a listen to this lovely and free 60-minute class I’ve recorded for you. I walk you through all of the basics of what an essential oil is & help you lay the foundations upon which you can begin to build your own little apothecary of tools!

This 60-minute class walks through all you need to know to get you movin’ and groovin’ in your unique essential oil jam. You’ll learn:

+ What is an essential oil?
+ What is the difference between a CPTG oil & one from Whole foods? And why does it matter?
+ How do I use essential oils?
+ How do I choose essential oils?

You will also receive my starting resource list & a free wellness consult & oil matchmaking session with me!

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As I continue to walk upon this sacred plane each day, I am humbled in gratitude to this mystical, enchanted place that I get to call my home.

If you’re looking for some quick recommendations, here are my go-to’s:


+ To calm an anxious heart:

Grab a bottle of peppermint & a bottle of lavender & put a few drops of each in your petal diffuser.

+ To uplift your spirit & dance in your internal sunshine: 

Pop a bottle of Wild Orange, place a few drops in your petal diffuser, turn on Pandora, and dance like nobody’s watching.

+ To tap into your sensual beauty & grace:

Open bottle of Geranium or Ylang Ylang and some fractionated coconut oil, mix a few drops, and gently massage them at your collarbone/heart center area and on your wrists and then go put on your most sparkling outfit & strut your stuff down the street.


Allow the plants to gently awaken their perseverance, strength, joy, devotion, and passion within you. This is your right, and this is their desire. Click here for more videos and information on essential oils.

Grateful you’re here, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding using your oils to support you in the journey of forgiving, remembering, expanding, and joy. If you are looking to join my growing team of essential oil matchmakers, please directly email me! My email is sarah [at] sarahmiller [dot] me.

Much love,

Some extended reflections on my experience through life & essential oils: