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On Taking Off the Trench Coats of Pain

Trench coats that make you sweat and walk funny distract you from the magic of life – all that’s needed for magic to appear is to take the damn coat off. Here’s how!

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It’s really simple to change your life.

Looking for things to be different than they are? They can be starting right now. This is all you need to do.

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On, “What the Fuck, God?!” Moments.

It’s time to meet chaos with compassion. Here is where I’ve started and my open invitation for how you can join me.

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How you know if you’ve forgiven.

You put in the time. You do the work. How do you know when you’ve forgiven and can move on? I’ve got an answer for you that might surprise you.

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What I wish someone would have told me about Forgiveness…

What I wish someone would have told me about forgiveness. It would have saved me a lot of going back to square one over and over and over again.

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How to finally forgive & reclaim your power.

Everything you think you know about forgiveness may be keeping you stuck. This simple process will guide you to the peace &healing you’ve been looking for.

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