What if the whole point of life was to find the "thank you" in each moment?

The Unapologetic You E-BookIs the story of your past, your pain, and your trauma writing you?
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I was leading a muffin top lie-f.

Reflections on finding your true north + why I became a nomad.

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On being Human….

Reflections on being human + a meditation.

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The enlightened master I met on an NYC street.

The master that taught me how to be a pillar of faith in unsettled and uncertain times….Read more.

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May We || An Invitation…

May we take this opportunity not to get more violent, but to get more certain. May we take this opportunity not to get more hateful, but to take more hands and say walk with me. To listen more. To seek a deeper understanding.

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On Taking Off the Trench Coats of Pain

Trench coats that make you sweat and walk funny distract you from the magic of life – all that’s needed for magic to appear is to take the damn coat off. Here’s how!

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It’s really simple to change your life.

Looking for things to be different than they are? They can be starting right now. This is all you need to do.

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Are you standing pen in hand, writing the story of your dreams?

Or is the story of your past and your pain and your trauma writing you?

- The Unapologetic You, By Sarah Miller


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