The Unapologetic You E-BookIf you don’t trust your Self, you’ll never get what you want. My latest book,
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How you know if you’ve forgiven.

You put in the time. You do the work. How do you know when you’ve forgiven and can move on? I’ve got an answer for you that might surprise you.

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What I wish someone would have told me about Forgiveness…

What I wish someone would have told me about forgiveness. It would have saved me a lot of going back to square one over and over and over again.

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How to finally forgive & reclaim your power.

Everything you think you know about forgiveness may be keeping you stuck. This simple process will guide you to the peace &healing you’ve been looking for.

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Who am I? (part 1)

Who am I (part 1)? Hey, you. We’ve already gotten pretty intimate, you and me. And so it’s only right that I share something with you something I kept hidden for a long time. This will be a multiple part series…but here’s where I’m gonna begin: A...
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If your business is stuck, this is probably why.

If your business is stuck, this is probably why. I want to let you in on the number one block that keeps heart centered, light leading, world changing people like you and me from stepping into the fullest, most authentic & unapologetic version of what we’re...
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How to slow down time…

How to slow down time. I’ve been feeling like we all have been blanketed in a veil of shimmering glow – and know that we are all about to have one of the most memorable, expansive years of our lives (if not the one that takes the cake). What we’re...
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